Maximum Obsession

Once the warmer months set in… does my obsession for this outfit called the maxidress… seen here, here and here!  Well, there’s a lot to love about it….the airiness and ease of wear, plus all the fun you could do to it….especially when it is a classic black and white, halter style maxidress, which I wore for a quick drive to the airport, to send-off a friend. 

I make the classics serve like a painter’s canvas…. where I can put my own spin and paint little pops of color to it …. like my red Michael Kors purse and gold Jessica Simpson (via Marshalls) gold sandals…both of which will surely make a number of repeat appearances through a lot of outfit posts. :-)

Happy 1st of June and have a lovely weekend everyone!! ♥

Locale:  LAX


    • Rebecca says

      thanks for dropping by…It’s great to hear from a Filipina blogger…hope to see your here more often!

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks Mrs. C…..It’s my pleasure & like you, I’m also mom & jack of all trades. Hope to see you more here & @ your lovely blog!! :-)

    • Rebecca says

      Hi dear, I was just at your blog & wanted to comment on your lovely floral pants but I couldnt because there is no Name/URL on the dropdown. :-( Why don’t you adjust the settings?

    • Rebecca says

      Awwww thanks so much Miss Margaret…..that means a lot to me. Hope to see you her & at your blog more often! :-)

  1. French Williams says

    Wow you look awesome as always in this maxidress….so good for your age. Keep up the good work!!


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