Maxi Spectrum

RossIf my mother, whos’ my #1 fashion critique would go over my outfit posts, I could imagine her complaining that there isn’t enough color in them, “still a lot of black” she would say (see my related post here)….so when I found this super colorful maxi dress from Ross….I know she will be more than elated! :-)

On the accessories side, a super colorful dress like this would need understated but still chic colors like my favorite Jessica Simpson gold sandals (via Marshalls) and my fringe bag by Marciano (via Nordstrom Rack).

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! ♥


  1. says

    I love this dress! Beautiful colors, very simple, and it goes great with those shoes. Making your mom proud, haha :)


  2. says

    What a gorgeous maxi dress! It looks so comfy but still fits you so well (my biggest issue with maxi skirts and dresses – they look like a bag over me lol)
    I love the colors as well!


  3. Kristy Anna Brocker says

    Nothing like a striped colorful maxi dress for hot summer days or nights & you rock it with that hair & fringed purse!

    Kristy Anna Brocker

    • Rebecca says

      Awww thanks my friend Alice….I would like to think I’m lucky cuz all the Marshalls near my place @ LB has great stuff!

  4. says

    HAHA! Your Mom sounds like my Mom! When I first started blogging, I hardly wore any colour and took photos up against a white wall with a tripod using a 5 year old point & shoot. About 2 months into it, my Mom said, we need to see some colour, you are starting to blend in with the walls in your condo :)

    I love this dress! The colours look great and I love those sandals!

    • Rebecca says

      Haha that’s so funny that she said you’re starting to blend with the walls….OMG why are they always right???

  5. says

    Hi Rebecca,
    This is one of my favorite posts of yours because I LOVE the dress!!!
    Stripes, colors and maxi…oh my ;)
    It is THE perfect summer dress and add a jean jacket to it and it’s a super fun, chic evening dress too!

  6. says

    Great way to incorporate an array of colors into your outfit and you look lovely! My ‘second mom’ (one of my best friends!) would say the same things about wearing black… And when I think about wearing just black or similar neutrals, her comments usually pop on my head! But I do believe when she said that wearing colors can help to brighten your day!


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