Floral Fest

color blocked envelope clutchJust when I’ve given up hope of ever finding a perfect floral outfit this summer which I could wear to work and beyond….. then this sheer floral top ($13.99) pops up in front of me at Forever 21 (Love 21actually)…which is totally a reason to celebrate, don’t you think? :-) ….also debuting via this post is this adorable color-blocked envelope clutch I found at TJ Maxx, which I have seen lately in several issues of People Style Watch magazines. :-)

Forever 21 sheer floral top

Forever 21

color blocked envelope clutchHappy Hump Day everyone…the weekend is just around the corner! :-)


  1. says

    What a lovely floral shirt, Rebecca! I still don’t own one but I have seen so many floral tops on other bloggers that I’ve begun to consider it for my wish list… This one is actually one that I really like! BTW, I LOVE that clutch, it’s like the perfect touch to compliment the outfit!


  2. says

    You found that clutch at TJ Maxx???? What? We rarely have amazing bags at our local Tj maxx, that place used to have awesome stuff but not so much anymore. Love the floral blouse, Love 21 is my fav line from f21.

    • Rebecca says

      I love your valuable insights on the outfit Naina….yes I totally agree that it’s way more than the bargains, it’s more on how we can match a new piece to the rest of our wardrobe….Thanks!

  3. says

    I LOVE THIS!! I swear, all my fashion blogger friends are such bad influences. They always make me want to buy an item that I see on the entries. Haha! I absolutely love the top. :) Great look!

  4. says

    Rebecca, this flirty fun floral (the 3 f’s hahaha) blouse is made for you. So chic yet playful with the pencil skirt and the perfect matching envelope cluch.

    PS: I still can’t get over it that your are 47 hahaha that is absolutely breathtaking. Look at that flawless skin and figure. If I would look nearly like you in in that age Holly Molly :-) Also love your wavy hair, so pretty :-)

    Have a wonderful day dear :-*
    <3 Ani

    • Rebecca says

      Awwwwww that’s a totally make-my-day comment Ani….don’t worry I’m sure you’ll look smashing when that time comes!!!

    • Rebecca says

      haha thanks Erin…I also thought of that when I saw this floral top Erin but to play it safe I paired it with black!

  5. Alexandria Grissum says

    I’m new to reading blogs…& so far I’m not disappointed. You will always be my style muse for aging so gracefully. You certainly rock @ your age…. congratulations!!

    • Rebecca says

      That’s really great to hear Alexandria…..if that is my blog’s effect on you, then I know this blog is going the direction I want it to go….Thanks so much!

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