Roadside Ruffles

Vera-Wang-for-Kohls-denim-leggingsFor me, nothing screams “Saturday Date Night” :-) than a new pair of sexy but ultra-comfy Vera Wang for Kohl’s denim leggings (I don’t think I could ever go back to the regular skinny jeans) and this flirty and sheer ruffled top I scored from Ross a couple of years ago….

Target-Merona-envelope-clutchA sheer top as versatile as this has taken me from work (with pencil cut and/or blazer)….to dancing (with a flowy skirt)….to more fun (with my flared jeans)…the possibilities are simply endless! :-) ……


….and when mixed with my all-time favorite closet staples (see tags below) is the perfect formula for a night on the town!! :-)

Vera-Wang-for-Kohls-denim-leggingsRecharge and regroup….It’s what weekends are all about!! ♥


  1. says

    That is such a great look on you. You look adorable. You must have tons of clothes like me! I love the always have the best shoes.

    • Rebecca says

      awwww….thanks! You’re so sweet & coming from you, that’s such a great compliment! I will see you soon & have a great week!!

    • Rebecca says

      Aww thanks Bess…since I started blogging, I have higher respect for fashion models. IT’S NOT EASY TO POSE!!!! haha

  2. Kristen Marie Merck says

    OUCH…’re looking seriously smokin’ hot lady!!! I wish I could rock it out in jeggings as hot as you do!! :-)

    KM Merck

  3. says

    I totally adored this post. The look u have uploaded is just breath – taking!!
    Your blog is one of my favorites.Sorry for not visiting as much as i should. I will try to fix it!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. says

    The ruffles are very cute and i just love the pink clutch! You look like you’re ready to have some fun. Enjoy your weekend


  5. aida says

    love all the accessories – sunglasses , wallet and shoes – great!!!

    you keep rocking every outfit!!

    wish you a fantastic & fashionable weekend

    kisses dear

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