Friday’s Best

Woke up again to this lovely Friday surprise…..the honor of being included in Suzanne Carillo‘s Style Files FRIDAY’S TOP FIVE FASHIONS…..and see my “Floral Risk” post :-) side-by-side with these amazing and pretty young ladies!! ♥♥

When the grass was green in photosWhen Green Grass was Yellow on Pictures


Forever Amber


Swoon Blog

Red tag chic

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles…..that’s me!! :-) :-)


Adore to Adorn

 Again, my heartfelt thanks to you Suzanne…and have a lovely weekend everyone!! ♥



  1. says

    Happy Friday my fellow (past) Friday Feature;)!! As I told Suzanne it was an honor to be featured alongside such great bloggers!! Lovin’ the wide legs, I’m also lovin’ the pair of printed heeled wedges I spied on the previous page;) Keep up the great work my dear!

    • Rebecca says

      Hi Jeeda…. You’re the one in the most fabulous mint pants I’ve ever seen lately!! Thanks & keep up the good work too my dear!!!

  2. says

    I love your wide leg pants!! They are so flattering to your silhouette. And I adore Nancy’s blog Adore to Adorn so much. Thanks for visiting my blog! <3


    • Rebecca says

      Haha thanks Jenny dear …to think I almost didn’t post that outfit! Have a great weekend my fabulous friend!!

  3. says

    Thanks for linking back : )

    I love your style and the fact that you’re not 20. Not hatin’ on 20 year olds, just that we can’t all be 20 forever, sigh…even though we may wish it.

    Keep up the great looks!


    • Rebecca says

      This is the most I could do to show you my gratitude Suzanne! Haha…sometimes I go back wishing to be 20, but that was quite the awkward years for me having to go thru motherhood, career & a lot of stuff. I think the 40s is my best decade ever! THANKS AGAIN MY FRIEND SUZANNE & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

    • Rebecca says

      Awww thanks my friend Heather…I got those at Marshall’s about 6 months ago! You will love it when you see it!

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