Spring Flowers


I’m wearing:  Zirna Kabete for Target Dress (similar), Merona for Target Purse (splurge), Halston Sunglasses @ Marshalls (splurge), New York & Co. Watch (similar / splurge), Chinese Laundry Shoes @ Marshalls (similar / splurge) and a Smile (my own) :-)

Spring has definitely sprung this side of the globe (or has it been here all year long as most definitely argue?) I maybe a slowpoke in a lot of things but not when busting out my florals and open toes to welcome the highly anticipated season of the year. :-)

Now that Spring is here and we’re all putting away those tights….why don’t we let those feet have some fun?  This season, the trend will be all about accessorizing your outfit with fancy foot covers (here).  Check out the full collection at Kushyfoot….to find out what suits you….whether it’s the ultra low-cut, almost invisible, heel and sole padded style; the sexy low-cut lace-top model; the Mary Jane all-lace foot cover gem, among others!

Check out too my fun link up parties with these lovely blogs for Monday: DC in StyleNot  Dead Yet StyleWatch What I’m WearingYOLO Mondays and Get Your Pretty On!

I’m so looking forward to the coming days especially with Daylight Saving Time finally in place.  Coming home in broad daylight is so worth the lost hour of sleep and certainly can lift the spirits, don’t you think?  Have a lovely week everyone!  ♥


  1. says

    I am soooo jealous that you are wearing such a beautiful summer dress and sandals!!! I can’t wait for winter to be over! Temps today are below freezing…arghhhh! :)

    xo Jenny

  2. says

    LOVE the floral print! I agree that spring has sprung and it’s time to take full advantage! Thanks so much for taking the time to find me. I’ll definitely be following you!


  3. says

    girl i have these same shoes! thanks for the styling inspiration!

    would love for u to stop by and enter into my giveaway today!

    2 $50 Gift Card Giveaway Today!

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    You are SO pretty! I love the print on that dress, and the shape is perfect on you. Also, I’m pretty sure I could ACTUALLY walk in those shoes…the heel is nice and chunky!

  5. says

    I really like this outfit…and your smile is wonderful:)
    Beautiful dress! Lovely shoes!….you know you cannot go wrong with those two:)

  6. says

    Beautiful dress worn by a beautiful lady. Those heels are very, very high by the way. Platform or no platform, it must be like balancing on a cord.
    I am a fan of high heels (although my knees are not…) but this high really takes skill.
    And what is with the socks? The “foot covers” as they are called. Are they actually meant to be seen????? I use things like this because I very quickly get blisters on my toes in summer. But I always take good care nobody sees my “foot covers”. I don’t buy them but simply cut of the toe section of tights which I have to throw out because they have runs. And the funny thing is, the part that I have cut off, does not run…. Here is logic for you.

    • Rebecca says

      Hahaha…..they have ultra low cuts which are not meant to be seen, & there are designs like the Mary Janes which are meant to be seen. How come those ones you cut don’t run?????????????????? You are genius Greetje….or a whiz at sewing!!!

      • says

        I don’t know why they don’t run. I just make a straight cut and use the toe-part. Put them on my toes, make sure they don’t peep out and start walking. Wash them, put them on again… no runs. And no I don’t sew them. (By the way.. I can sew, not like a seamstress, but pretty reasonable.)

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    I am so envious of your warm gorgeous weather! You look great in this beautiful dress. I can’t remember the last time my lefgs and arms seem the sunlight haha. I must look uber pale! Spring!! Come on!!

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    Daylight savings is the BOMB! Yesterday evening was wonderful!

    Love your dress and shoes! It’s still quite cool at the coast so I’ll have to head to the desert to get warm :-)


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    Hot mama! Look at you and those shoes! Wasn’t it you who posted to me to be careful about running because your feet are all out of wack and you can’t wear heels? Dang girl, those are fabulous! Looking stunning in that dress!

    Happy Monday!
    Understated Classics

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    I’m so envious that spring has sprung where you are, Rebecca – we’ve had a day or two of it here and there, but most mornings we still wake up to winter. At least I can live vicariously through your dreamy floral dress and gorgeous peeptoe sandals. Oh, and that clutch – I think I’m in love!

  11. says

    Oooowh this floral dress is gorgeousssssssss!!

    you look so ready for Spring!

    I love the pattern,the heels and cute bag!

    looking stunning my friend!~
    have a fabulous week!

    xoxo Tamara Chloé

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