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A great pair of printed palazzos a.k.a. wide leg pants is definitely on top of my Spring-Summer 2014 wish list.  I already have a black palazzo pair for years now (recently worn here) and it’s probably one of the most-worn piece of clothing in my closet.  It has been getting it’s share of wear and tear already so I’m quite apprehensive to get a reliever of sorts to keep it from falling apart. :-)

So it is absolutely a match made in style heaven when I first laid eyes on this lovely pair at my friendly neighborhood Marshalls.   I can’t get over the pretty paisley prints and how über comfy it is that I can foresee myself wearing it all over town this Summer. ♥

And I’d like to take this opportunity to address your queries about that hair. :-)   Here’s the honest rundown:  it’s all mine, no extensions but I definitely am a fan of color and highlights (and lowlights too).   It’s not totally effortless as I get a lot of help from the curling iron.  But probably what makes it healthier is….drum roll please…..I don’t shampoo everyday!  I wash it every 2-3 days, making dry shampoo my new BFF.  And I have observed that my hair looks its bedhead-best on the 2nd and 3rd day.  My current obsession, however, is learning how to do the fish tail braid all by myself. ;-)





It is always my pleasure to be a part of a lovely community of bloggers who never fail to send me invites to join their fun link ups:



What I’m Wearing:

Black Ruffled Top @ Marshalls;   Paisley Printed Wide Leg Pants @ Marshalls (similar);   Chinese Laundry Shoes @ Marshalls (similar);   GAP Mirrored Sunglasses (splurge);   Badgley Mischka Crossbody Bag @ Saks Off 5th Outlet (splurge);   Forever 21 bracelet;   Michael Kors Dylan Watch;   Wet n Wild Mega-Last Lip Color in Cherry Picking (here);    Hair and Smile (my own!) ;-)


  1. Mel Stevens says

    I soo love your hair! <3 Now I know the secret to great curly hair, haha! You're probably using a high grade curling iron, hmmm…by any chance, is that the Karmin Clipless curling iron you're using? :)

  2. says

    I’ve been seeing print pants in stores, but don’t think they are for this pear shaped gal.

    They pants look totally fabulous on you though :-)


  3. says

    I’m loving this whole outfit. Those pants are amazing and pair with shoes give a lovely long legged look. You look stunning. Thanks for linking, love checking out your style. X

  4. says

    Lovely outfit, great bag and sunnies.
    Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend

  5. says

    Am loving your paisley patterned trousers. Love the bold pattern and colours, looks great with your black ruffled vest. They look really cool, perfect for Summer! (ST)

  6. says

    I have really been wanting to try a pair of these pants but I had no clue how to style them. I think you hit the nail on the head by keeping it chic and classic on top. I love this! Gorgeous! Susan

  7. says

    Rebecca! I love those pants. I am really loving the more drapy loose styles this year and the yoga pants and all the loose fitting pants, boyfriend jeans included Leggings are behind me now, and even skinnies are a bit ‘out’ of touch. Great inspiration here.

    Thanks for all your well wishes and kind words, too. Glad you joined here at *FiF*. We love it!!! ♥, Renae

    • Rebecca says

      Yeah Renae….I’m also so glad we are getting past the skinnies stage to a lot more comfy wear!!!!

  8. says

    LOVE those pants! They are amazing! And your hair is fantastic! I only wash mine every 2-3 days, too. It really helps keep it healthy!

  9. says

    You’re so lucky you only have to wash your hair every three days! I can make it til two, but day three looks greasy even with dry shampoo. Have you tried a cleansing conditioner at all? They’re so much better for your hair than shampoo since they clean without stripping it!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  10. says

    love those pants! and your hair is amazing! i learned, thanks to a trillion youtube videos how to do the fishtail braid and after, maybe the 3rd try, it became easy peasy. you just have to stick with it once you start because you won’t see it till you’re about halfway through your hair!
    xx Corinne

  11. says

    Yes, your hair is a terrific feature. In The Netherlands we often say:…”…. as long as your hair looks good”. For me, my hair is my biggest worry. If a photo is spoiled it is usually because my hair makes me look silly. Oh well… We have to make do with what we got.
    Your trousers look great on you. You look so relaxed and summery in them. I understand why you like them so much.

    • Rebecca says

      Yeah I still can’t believe how hair can absolutely make a great influence on our day…..Thanks Greet!!!!

  12. says

    LOVE those pants! So fun and they look super comfortable.
    I find my hair looks wayyy better after a day or so as well. So hearing you! xox

  13. says

    How do you make those pants look so good? I think they would probably look bulky on me. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. I also wash mine every 2-3 days because I color it, and it gets too dry otherwise. You look amazing as always!

  14. says

    I am absolutely loving the look here. And hey, that fishtail braid is easier on other people, not yourself! I’ve learned! (I’ve been so frustrated so often that I want to cry and scream, blame my husband for my self-inflicted arm pain from trying to do it to myself!) But if you get it, kudos to you, and wear it so proudly!

    And it’s been a while since I’ve visited the blog- amazing redesign!


    • Rebecca says

      OMG Clare I’m really so happy to see you drop by again ….yeah it’s been quite a while! And I have to agree…doing the fish tail is no fairy tale haha!

  15. says

    These pants look fabulous on you! I also spot a pair of shades very similar to mine :) Your hair is stunning. I agree with the shampooing every 2-3 days and relying on dry shampoo, but I don’t have the talent to curl my hair this well! (Hence, why I cut it shorter haha) Everything here is fantastic!


    • Rebecca says

      I think these pants are long enough for your mile long legs Brit…..I had to wear 3.5 inch heels for them!

  16. says

    I will NEVER be able to pull of this palazzo pants.. only trim girl like you would look fab in them. I remember back in early 90s palazzo were a hit and I was ehem, trim.. so you can say I had my moments with them ;)

  17. says

    Hi chica! I LOVE palazzo pants! :) I don’t actually have a pair b/c it is so hard to find a proper fit for my body. Skinny girl blues! Ha ha! But yours are so beautiful. I love the colors & print. And of course they look amazing on you. You own the look babe! Much love….

  18. says

    This is a perfect summer look. It is easy breezy pretty. Such a fun print. I love love the prints of you pants. I actually wants to wear palazzo but since i am shortie, it doesn’t look quite good on me not like on you. I used the same trick with my hair too.


  19. says

    You look amazing! Absolutely love those pants and they look perfect paired with your sunnies! Love!!

    <3 Shannon

  20. says

    Great summer look for vacation or hanging out on the weekends. I love these boho flared pants. I could see you getting a lot of use out of them.

    Have a wonderful day.

  21. says

    Love this look on you. You just put Palazzo aka wide leg pants back on Trend and everyone will be looking for a pair now. .

  22. says

    I love your palazzo pants. The print is amazing.
    They also would look great worn as a beach pant wit a bikini top.
    The hair is gorgeous ;)

    xo Natasha

  23. says

    Your hair does look gorgeous! Try as I might I can never get those sexy curls. I never shampoo everyday either – way too much time and effort!


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